Thursday, November 27, 2014

Winner, Toshiyuki Inoko Award, for "Dare to Dream" Kimono Competition

Uttara Ghodke, Pranali Linge, and I won the Toshiyuki Inoko Award, for "Dare to Dream" Kimono Competition

Tokyo Designer Week 2014
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Name "Dare to Dream" Design Awards


Competition summary
Japan has seen a fall in the popularity of their tradtional dress, "Kimono" in the recent years. The competition asked for people of various design disciplines (fashion, product, architecture, interiors, industrial design, graphic design, and lifestyle) to come up with something that would make the youth want to wear the Kimono again.

Competition Jury
The jury panel was 10 acclaimed designers from various design disciplines, including Ross Lovegrove, celebrated Industrial Designer.

Following are the judges:
Junko Koshino, Fashion Designer
Yoshikazu Yamagata, Fashion Designer and Founder of writtenafterwards
Yasuhiro Mihara, Fashion Designer
Tamae Hirokawa(SOMARTA), Creative Director/Fashion Designer 
Masaya Kushino, Fashion Designer
Asami Kiyokawa, Artist
Toshiyuki Inoko (teamLab), Interactive Digital Artist
HDMI (Human Dwelled-In Monitor Inside), Hybrid Creative Studio
Ross Lovegrove, Designer/Visionary
Birgit Lohmann, Editor-in-chief and CEO of Designboom

We thought that the best way to tap into the youth and their choice is by designing something that is used by all of them. Earphones are used all around the world. Thus, by designing earphones inspired by the Kimono, we aimed at spreading the Kimono Culture throughout the world. Image, all the Japanese youth wearing the Kimonophones - trendy yet rooted in tradition!

The Prize
We were first shortlisted amongst top 100, which gave us an opportunity to display our Kimono design panel as a part of the KimonoExhibition in the Tokyo Designers Week (28th October 2014).
Later, we were awarded the "Toshiyuki Inoko Award" for the Kimono Exhibition, meaning a special booth to display our work among the others global presenters in Tokyo Designers Week.

Most unfortunately, we couldn't make it to Japan, but here' s the coverage of the event!

And our panel also was seen in the video! :)