Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advaita - Pre-album release hype!

Very few bollywood songs touch me these days. The pop-culture today demands the kind of songs which are pop-rock, on the spur of the moment, not too deep, 'I am yours and you are mine and let's get together' and all that.
There are a very few songs that strike chord, and you wish to listen to, only for the true essence of charming music and the profound lyrics. Advaita is a band that goes to the very roots, and explores depths and heights of western, soft rock and Hindustani Classical music, as one entity. Their lyrics are well thought and metaphorical, their sounds are novel, yet one thinks they are a part of oneself. The luminous sound of the Sarangi casts it's spell as the English lyrics and resonant Hindustani vocals are woven around the composition. Having released their 2nd album just yesterday, their hype is in the air all around. Very few Indian bands today have such a serious attitude towards music, and are ready to dive deep to experiment and create music that would last for a long time.
When I was exposed to Advaita sometime last year, the Sarangi riffs in their tracks 'Drops of Earth' and 'Miliha' attracted me primarily. Spellbound, I instantly became a hardcore Advaita fan.
Also, the graphic work for the second album, 'The Silent Sea' adds to the overall aesthetic impact of the Band. Though I've heard just two tracks from the album (on MTV Unplugged), and 2 more at NH7 (Pune) the album sounds very promising, and the visuals of the cover inlays do an amazing job of adding to the feelings of the songs.
I still haven't gotten my hands on the album CD, but soon enough!

Listen to the unplugged version of the title track of the new album

and unplugged version of 'Gorakh'

Do check the album-art out here