Thursday, July 12, 2012

Design Links

Links to various websites related to Industrial design I stumbled upon in a long time.

Product by Process:
Detailed manufacturing processes of various products along with videos. An amazing collection of videos from youtube, sorted in very convenient headings!

A Watchmaker's Diary:
For all those who're interested in mechanical clocks and clockwork, here's an amazing blog!

Philips Design:
Detailed reports of live-projects. Need I say anything else? :)

Design for India:
An active blog of NID's M.P. Ranjan.

Design Observer:
A huge archive of books, and write-ups on design issues, along with jobs.

The title says it, information about standards and information for a wide range of products

Engineer Vs. Designer:
A weekly online audio/video show that discusses design projects and issues, one designer a week.

Submit your designs for rapid injection moulding, and get it delivered back. Very helpful about injection moulding.

Spicy Nodes:
These guys provide infographics and digital graphic design solutions in their own tree-like style.

Engineer's Edge:
Products, mechanisms, manufacturing processes explained with photographs and schematics.

A Bunch of Ergonomics Websites:

A deep research about copper and it's properties.

Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine:
A lot of information on a lot of materials, manufacturing processes, machines, machine tools, etc.

Wood-Smith tips:
The name describes the site! Information about woodworking.

Kiosk Design Guide:

Basic Physics for Designers:

CAD History:

Patent Pending Blog:
A list of designs with photographs and schematics.

CNC Cookbook:
Software and Info for CNC

Detailed Flash animations and videos of mechanisms

Rob Ives:
Again, detailed mechanisms.

Mechanisms Index:
This website is aimed at introducing pupils to mechanisms and how they work. CAM profiles are discussed in detail as well as the design of a CAM toy. Linkages are also considered.

Metal and Plastic manufacturing solutions.

Design/Engineering Terminologies Dictionary:

Complete Sheet Metal Guide:

Look for existing patents here:

Friday, July 6, 2012

So how grown up are we?

Just today, I came home from my last day at my first ever internship. My work was appreciated, and I felt good, as though I had achieved something. Thinking that I had grown up, I kick-started the bike and went home. Internship, appreciation for work, formal tucked in shirt and all that jazz. Look who's grown up.
What did I do next?
Went out and bought myself a Batman action figure that had just come to the market. :D