Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Recently I had the pleasure of going to Mount Abu, via Ahmedabad, and was lucky enough to see various sites on the road that fell between them.

I'd taken up a small hashtag project.

I'd sketch one sketch, wherever I went everyday.

I called this #10SketchesfromWestIndia, and this was active on Instagram for more the 10 days of my trip. Here are all the sketches.

On Instagram, they can be found here:

In flight sketch!

"World Vintage Car Museum", Ahmedabad
This person has collected 105+ vintage cars. (1920s - 1970s, European and American make)

Gravity makes everything look organic! As the third of my #10sketchesfromWestIndia here's one from Ajmer Intercity Express. 

For the 4th sketch from my #10sketchesfromWestIndiahere is one from the picturesque hills of Mount Abu, characterised by mellow sunlight, soothing winds and quite a few beautifully constructed places on the slopes!

As for the fifth of my #10sketchesfromWestIndia here's one from a subtle climb to a simple "sunset point" in Mount Abu.

This one's at Hotel Hilltone, Mount Abu

For this sketch from my #10sketchesfromWestIndia I trekked a small trek to Toad Rock, Mount Abu!

I had the pleasure of sketching No.8 from my#10sketchesfromWestIndia #hashtagproject, at Sun Temple or Surya Mandir from Modhera, Gujarat, the second of it's kind - the other being in Konark.
A multi faceted and intricate diamond was in the basement of the main chamber, which reflected sunlight to illuminate the entire temple court room - giving it the name. 
Allauddin Khilji, a Mughal invaded this temple in the 11th century, destroyed a few intricate statues and took away the diamond, also destroying parts of the temple. 
However, it is still said that there is wealth at the basement chamber that is sealed away. There are 2 secret pathways to nearby villages. 

500 year old Adalaj Stepwell, near Ahmedabad

And that's a wrap!
Here's No.10 and the final one from my#10sketchesfromWestIndia 
This time, it's me, drawing myself. 
It was superb doing this #hashtagproject