Sunday, July 21, 2013

Attaining Nerdvana

20th July 2013, Bangalore.

We go to Gundam Galaxy, to gawk at amazing Anime Figurines. If you find something that image you want online, tell these guys, they’ll get it shipped for you!
(P.S. – Check out the cool Naruto ramen and Star Wars light saber chopsticks, quite cool eh?)

We’re now in Hysteria (after I buy DC Comics New 52 issues – which I’ll brag about for the rest of my life), primarily a music merchandise store, but filled with DC Comics, Marvel and other merchandise. The New 52 Flash figure here is amazing, and Sarang drools over the V for Vendetta mask. That’s okay, ‘cause he plans to buy it. :P

The most awesome stop certainly is ‘The Entertainment Store’.
 They’ve just brought in a life size Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3, detailed to the teeth. They assemble it in front of us. We stayed back to see the completed figure. You can’t miss this!

The Entertainment Store has loads of merchandise. Here are some highlights:
1.      A galleon, a sickle and a knut
2.      All house badges, Hogwarts seal
3.      Ravenclaw and Gryffindor pens
4.      Peter Griffin vs. the Chicken
5.      Game of Thrones Throne
6.      Thundercats Keychain
7.      Tons of Tintin Merchandise
8.      Naruto Manga
9.      Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Figurine
10.  Batman Bust

And just have a look around the store:

Last stop to Nerdvana. The Leaping Windows - a Manga/Comics library.
They've got quite a collection, check it out!
1. Death Note Set Box
2. DC Comics Collection
3. Bleach and Naruto Manga Set
4. Death Note Set
5. Buddha/Other Manga
6. Case Closed - Detective Conan Manga Set
This amazing place is a cafe and a comics library. They have comic book panels framed and nicely put up all around. Their couches are comfy, and have comic book characters on their pillow covers. I for one would love to do their laundry!