Sunday, May 6, 2012

Of Dreams you Control

It was just yesterday, that my body healed out of the 2-day fever that hit me due to heat. I bet my body wasn't at it's physical maximum. At 1 pm today, I lied down on my bed, without the motive of sleeping. I fell asleep in a jiffy, and the dream started tout de suite.

I forget the exact identity of the first place I was in the dream, though it still seems familiar as I recall it. It was the home of someone close by, if not mine, and I was lying in the same position as I was in my hostel bed. I was sure at that instant that this was a dream. And I wished that instant that I did not want that place. I wanted to go somewhere else, probably a larger place, where I could go for a stroll.

It was as if the place packed itself up. I don't remember the exact details of the place, but I remember all wall-hangings, floor-tiles, ceiling fixtures, all liberated from their places, and soaring like drapery in tempest, they gathered at a single point and vanished, to reveal another more familiar environment. Well - this of course did not happen to the utmost detail of dust trails and clinging sounds like movies, but the dreamy, hazy experiences.

This time, it was my grandmother's old place, 16-Sri Krupa, in old Nasik that opened up. Here too, I landed up lying on the living room bed. My brain suggested again, that I wanted to walk, not rest, and hence this scene too, wrapped itself in the same manner! I've quickly sketched an illustration of how this place wrapped up. Hope it helps visualise!

Finally, my longing for a place to walk culminated in an all new place coming into being. A 3-floored glass building with promenades, and all that jazz. I think my image will describe this place more than my words. Tried to make it as close to my dream as possible. Though that seemed much more believable. :D

That was the the last shred of visual I could 'control' in my dreams. Of course, it wasn't exactly controlling; whatever my mind sub-consciously wanted, my brain threw at me. I am always triggered by what my dreams show me!