Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Enough

I'd like to say what I feel is always is the case with life. Whatever has to happen, happens. It's like what has been said by the band Advaita, in their song 'Just Enough': Nothing in the world is big, small, less or more. It's just enough, for it's consequence. Everything adds up. It's a bigass jigsaw puzzle. The hard work and sincerity one puts in work, just shows itself later. Steve Jobs said that he was glad he left college and took typography lessons, as after years, these lessons culminated to the vivid displays in Apple computers (which Steve says Microsoft copied from Apple).
Everything happens in it's own time, at it's own pace and when it's meant to be. Of course, it is a result of what and how much you've worked. If the jigsaw pieces are faulty and incomplete, one shouldn't expect the puzzle to look good. :)