Monday, September 26, 2011

The Stories We Don't Believe

Folks, there are stories which have happened and you believe, there are stories which have not happened – and you believe. And, there’s a third kind- stories which have happened, and yet, you don’t believe!
Today, I’m going to talk about the third kind of stories. And, there are 3 stories I am telling you.
The first one is the story of ‘The Girl in the Boys’ Hostel’. This happened sometime around Quasar 5. It was around 11 in the night, when many people on my floor were in the hostel itself. This girl from our college had lost her MacBook that day, and doubted that one of the guys had taken it, and hence was going around in every room, along with the guard and a fourth year guy to find the laptop. Yes, she went to each and every block, scanned all six floors of the boys’ hostel.
I’m not sure whether she found what she was looking for, and it goes without saying, that the last thing the guys were expecting in the hostel was a girl! (I mean, c’mon there were guys roaming around in shorts, without a shirt, and scratching their butts.) Now, if I were to tell this story to anyone, would they have a good reason to believe it?
The second story is quite a recent one. It was 3rd September 2011, to be precise. Because of the ceaseless rains for 2 days, the water had over-flown the banks, and the entire road next to the river was submerged. That day, some 8 of us went for dinner outside campus, via the ‘shortcut’.
While returning to the campus, came from the main gate. Many of us are aware that there was more than 2 feet water under the tunnel that is in front of the main gate. The water’s extent was from the beginning of the tunnel almost to the MIT main gate. Only those who’ve been there would believe that there was a boat-man rowing his boat in there. And, he was charging 10 rupees per person to carry the person from the beginning of the tunnel to the main gate. A boat-man and a boat under the tunnel. How many of you believe it?
The third story is the story of a hundred and fifty tractors. I guess most of us know it, but still, I present you my version. It was 2 AM, on 25th September 2011, and Mandeep and I were sitting in the third floor corridor discussing ‘la vie’. Naman comes up, and asks us, ‘Did you see the tractors?’
Me - ‘What tractors?’
Naman - ‘There were some 10-15 tractors that came into the campus from the shortcut, and are now being parked.’
Mandeep and I share the O.o look, and go to the end of the corridor, to see around a hundred tractors parked right next to our hostel, and more were on their way. Slowly, the entire space filled up with a hundred and fifty tractors. It is said that God has a certain place fixed for everyone and everything that stands on the face of earth. But 150 tractors have their place next to MIT-ID boys’ hostel? I guess the plan of The Master went wrong somewhere!
The next morning I got up and while going for breakfast, saw all of them, royally parked there, as if this place was their final destination. Here’s an evidence for those who don’t believe: